What You Can See/Be

What You Can See/Be Exhibition DesignChicago Design ArchiveNortheastern Illinois UniversitySummer 2021 You cannot be what you cannot see. The design industry has a long history of homogeneity, which is discouraging for student designers from marginalized communities. Lack of representation in design history and education has created a barrier of access for student designers. Design has […]

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Looking Back: Chicago Design Milestones

Looking Back: Chicago Design Milestones Exhibition Design & BrandingChicago Design Archive (CDA)Archeworks, 2019 In the first public event hosted by the CDA, this exhibit showcases highlights of the collection in Chicago Design Milestones. Developed in collaboration with the University of Illinois at Chicago and Columbia College Chicago, the Chicago Design Milestones installation visualizes the evolution of Chicago design by […]

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Belonging: Place, Power, (Im)Possibilities Exhibition

Belonging: Place, Power, (Im)Possibilities Exhibition Physical + Virtual Exhibition DesignTonika Lewis Johnson / Chicago Justice GallerySeptember 2020 Tonika Johnson chronicles the ways in which nine young people have been made to feel they don’t belong in their own city in a series of portraits and interviews. While Johnson’s portraits of young peoples’ experiences paint a […]

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