Eclectable / Ellen Burke

Ellen Burke Online event rentals, 2018 Senior Project Spring 2018   “I designed and created a company that assists the host in the preparation process through rented table sets. My desire was to bring the long forgotten art of serving back to its roots- around the table. The place where beauty, simplicity, and community can […]

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Coquette / Kendall Getzinger

Kendall Getzinger Women’s Publication, 2018 Senior Project Spring 2018   “Coquette Magazine was created to be a safe place to celebrate womanhood. Both the magazines and this website were designed to create conversations around the many issues that face women today; whether it be mental, physical, emotional, spiritually, etc. These topics are the result of […]

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Aflutter / Layne Buckland

Layne Buckland iPhone Travel App, 2016 Web Design 2  Spring 2016 Test Online Prototype Aflutter is an app for the anxious flyer. It walks the user step-by-step through the experience of flying. By laying out all of the steps, the anxious flyer can know what to expect and be prepared. This will help calm the […]

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