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Color Perception

  • There are there types of cones, long (red), medium (green), and short (blue) cones.
  • Dichromatism is when one cone type is completely absent.
  • If the L-cone is affected, it is called Protanopia. With Protanopia you see blues instead of purples and you cannot see reds.
  • If the M-cone is affected, it is called Deutanopia. With Deutanopia Reds are seen as yellowish-green colors and purples appear blue.
  • Rods don’t distinguish wavelengths, this would explain the greyish-blue colors we see at night.
  • Most mammals like dogs have dichromatic vision, rodents on the other hand have monochromatic visions.

ChristianHerrera_Research Notes

Color Biology

Long wave length cones see Red.

Medium wave length cones see Green.

Short wave length cones see Blue.

Rods see light.

8% of men are color blind

0.5% of women are color blind.


Color Theory History

Sir Isaac Newton started color theory with his prism experiment.

Mayer created the Color Triangle composed of the three pure hues, Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Gothe studies the psychology of colors.

-yellow, blue, red green, white, and black all impact peoples emotions.


Color Psychology

Red- Danger, brutal, hate, aggression; Red captures attention.

Yellow- Cheerful, happy, sweet, kind, compassionate

Blue- Peace, cool, refreshing, calms the mind; cooling effect.

Orange- Gentle, friendly, delicious, fruity. Stimulates appetite. Used in safety measures for its bright color.

Purple- Delicate, mystical, charming, subtle. Purple calms people, gives a sense of spirituality.


Applied Color

Branding- Name, term, symbol.

60% of people make purchased based on color.

In web designing, you normally see the companies signature colors.

Contrast in text should be handles carefully, when does colored text become difficult to read.


Printing Color

Full tone- ink density of printing image.

Halftone- continuous use of small dots to show an image all together.

Screen printing- Used to make T-shirts

Laser printing- rapidly produces high quality text and graphics using a laser beam and a photoreceptor that defines the image.


Color Management

Color consistency is important as to how color is communicated.

Color space is a mathematical model how color is perceived.

-Ranges from a camera colors to the display of a computer monitor.


Color in monitors

Red, Green, and Blue are the primary colors.

Hexadecimal- system to add or subtract value of a color.

RGBA – the A is added for the Alpha Channel.

Color Properties and Color Harmonies

Color Properties

The visible light spectrum is something I always found intriguing. I have always questioned why we cannot see ultraviolet, infrareds, or a new color. We cannot since we are limited by the color receptor cones. It’s also interesting to know how Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow the three subtractive primary are used to create just about any color using subtractive mixing.

The Trichromatic theory questioning how light created the impression of color is something that’s been on my mind for a long time.

Mixing pigments compared to mixing colored lights is a neat concept, the trichromatic theory says that mixing red and green lights should result in a yellow color. Then if the same red and green color is used as paint, the result will not be yellow but a brownish color. Similar events happen when mixing Primary colors red, green, and blue on paint compared with light. When mixing RGB lights the outcome color should be white, but on pigment it becomes a blacken pigment.


Color Harmonies

The ways color has been used as therapy or Chromo therapy fascinates me. I believe it’s important to recognize the effects have on the body and perception. Such as warm color can relate to heat or how cool colors can relate to cool temperatures, but not everyone relates to colors in the same ways physically or emotionally. Colors have psychological properties and using them as an aid as treatment is brilliant.

It appears the more colors that are used for harmonic purposes, harmony becomes a bit more challenging to achieve. Using a monochromatic scheme is generally easier to accomplish vs a triadic scheme.

Christian Herrera – About Me

I am Christian Herrera, I’m leaning towards being an industrial design major but Graphic design has always been an interest of mine.  This is my second semester at UIC, I transferred from Morton College and before that I attended EIU. I play basketball and video games in my spare time. I believe that color theory is important because color have psychological properties, color can reflect emotions.