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Research Topics- Aidan

Color Biology:

-3 types of color blindness: monochromatic, dichromatic, anomalous

-3 types of cones in eyes: L-cones, M-cones, S-cones

– can see over 10,000 colors

-use rods in dim light, not cones. Rods don’t interpret wavelengths

Color History:

-Isaac Newton set the basis of the modern theory of light

-Schaffer invented his own color system

-Goethe studied psychological effects that color had on emotional feelings

-Runge took the color wheel and added black and white to the colors

Modern Color Theory:

-Albert Munsell founded Munsell color foundation

-hue is measured around a horizontal circle

-chroma is measured radially outward from the vertical axis

-Each primary hue is assigned the value 5

Applied Color:

-branding is the name, term, sign, etc. used to represent a product

-60% of time people choose product base on color

-people see color before they absorb anything else

-warm colors used for adventure and intimacy

Printing Colors:

-offset printing is the most common way of creating printed matter

-photos separated into four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black

-inkjet printers use liquid ink sprayed through microscopic nozzles onto the paper

-laser printing is a digital printing process that produces high quality text and graphics using laser beams

Color Management:

-procedure of controlling characteristics between various mediums

– color consistency is important in how we communicate as designers to make sure the message is properly communicated

-pantone color system is a widely used standardized color system

-color space is the range of colors, from the eyes of the camera lens to the computer monitor

Color on Monitors and Screens:

-hexadecimal is a system to add or subtract value to color

-this ranges from from 00 to FF, 00 being no color and FF being all color

-the A added to the RGB color wheel is called the ALPHA channel

-LCD screen is liquid crystal display

Reading assignment 3- Aidan Kehrli

I thought it was interesting that Goethe was the one that realized that color can be associated with feelings. I didn’t realize though that depending on your mood, the color could either mean a positive or negative emotion. I thought that one color was always ¬†either/or.

Also I was curious why Bauhaus’ model looked the way it did. It’s different than the normal color wheel since there’s a hexagon in the center.



Reading assignment 2- Aidan

I was surprised to learn that Newton demonstrated the principle of compliments which became essential to many color techniques. I always think of Newton as the guy that first “discovered” gravity.

I wasn’t surprised to learn that RGB additive color wheel is more common in computer programs then the process color wheel of cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Color Properties and Harmonies- Aidan

I find it really interesting that Leonardo de Vinci is the person credited with discovering complementary colors, although I shouldn’t be to surprised.

I also learned exactly what hue, saturation, and brightness meant. Hue is the known name of a color that indicates where on the color wheel it is located. Saturation refers to how intense or dull a color is. Brightness refers to how reflective a color is.