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research presentation notes

Color biology

  • cones are in the back of the eyes
  • in dim light we use our rods because we can’t interpret color wave lengths as well as in light which is why we mainly blue in the dark.
  • dogs have dichromatic vision, can see red and blue


Color Psychology

  • green represents calmness and nature
  • red is an attention grabber, used to make things pop
  • purple can represent romance
  • orange gives a warm feel

Applied Colors

  • when people shop they are attracted by the color of a product
  • colors are used to express a business goals and ideas



Being someone who already paints and is use to mixing colors it was really interesting to see the science behind it.  It was interesting when they mentioned the process of adding of the three primary colors of light compared to the actual mixing of color pigment, it was interesting to me because when you mix the pigment of red and green you make a brown but when they said that our eyes see red and green our eyes perceive that as yellow.  The fact that there was so much science involved was amazing because it gives you a more in depth look on why and how the mind perceives and views color.

Jose Perales

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  • Im technically from Little Village but because im on the very edge of Little Village borderline Pilsen i tend to just say im from Pilsen cause I grew up closer to that community.
  •  I originally came in believing i wanted to do graphic design but dealing with industrial design last semester has left me in between the two
  • something interesting about myself is that i started a clothing line about a year ago.
  •  I think color theory is very important, its one of my favorite parts about art and design, i would say that color and it’s use is one of the things most notable about my work, it’s something i focus on a lot when approaching a piece.