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contrasting colors


Contrast of Hue

Blue, orange and red are all complementary .



Light-Dark Contrast

The blue is dark and yellow is light.

Cold-Warm Contrast

Blue is cold and red and orange are both warm.

Complementary Contrast

Violet and yellow are across from each other on the color wheel.

Simultaneous Contrast

All the colors complement each other.  With them  laid across the picture makes them pop.

Contrast of Saturation

Both blue and orange have the same saturation and complement each other.

Contrast of Extension (=Proportion)

The whole picture is made up of two contrasting colors blue and green.  They are pretty close the being 50/50.

Color Contrasts- Kristina Diaz

Contrast of Hue: Based on the color wheel, blue, yellow, and red are three colors that are separated from each other.


Light-Dark Contrast: On this poster of an image of  a girl, bright colors like yellow, lime green, and orange show the light shadows on the girls face. The darker color contrasts like the violet, black, and navy blue show the darker shadows on her face and neck.


Cold-Warm Contrast: I noticed many of Van Gogh’s paintings demonstrate this contrast. In this painting he uses different shades of blue and yellow.


Complimentary Contrast: This poster shows orange and blue/green hues working together and they’re both opposite hues according to the color wheel.


Simultaneous Contrast: The red and blue vibrate and pop out when they are right next to each other.


Contrast of Saturation: Picasso used different saturations of blue, light and dull for his painting.


Contrast of Extension: This is an example of red and green being used  in the set of this film, where the proportion of red and green is 1/2 .


Color Contrasts – Nicole Galvin

NG_Contrast of hue

Contrast of Hue – The Contrast of Hue combination in this image is the blue/yellow/violet.

NG_light and dark contrast

Light-Dark Contrast – Even without vibrant colors in the piece, the image still pops from the contrast of the darkness and the lightness with the shades of gray between them helping the film strip pop and stand out.

NG_cold warm

Cold-Warm Contrast – I believe this is a good example for Cold-Warm Contrast. The combination of the warm red and the cool blue a help to make this picture pop.

NG_Complementary Contrast

Complementary Contrast – Blue and orange are complementary colors on the color wheel, and when combined allow for a strong contrast that support one other.

NG_Simultaneous Contrast

Simultaneous Contrast – I feel like this might be a good example of Simultaneous contrast, because when the images interact and overlap one another the colors change. The perception of the images is influenced by the surrounding colors.

NG_Contrast of Saturation

Contrast of Saturation – The colors in this image are very vibrant and intense, which contrasts with the high saturation found throughout the image.

NG_Contrast of Extension


Contrast of Extension – The black background with the pop of color in the flowers is what makes this an example of Contrast of Extension.  There is a big pop of color on the left with little darkness, while on the right there is a great amount of darkness with small amounts of bright colors.