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Adrian Damian- About Me

My  name is Adrian Damian, I am 21 years old, I was born in Chicago and I’ve been living in Berwyn, IL all my life. Before attending UIC i went to Morton College where i got my Associates in Fine Arts. I want to major in Graphic Design and get into advertising with it.  I like to play soccer, I’ve been playing it since I was 4 years old.

I think that color theory is important because knowing your colors and color combinations are crucial when doing a piece of work. Colors affect the message or feelings you want your viewers to get out of your work.



Vanessa Rodriguez Esparza



Two summers ago, while taking an Environmental Biology class, I researched a book by William McDonough and Michael Braungart that introduced me to “cradle to cradle” design and product innovations. I was astonished by what design could be and a wave of possibilities, brought on by a career I suddenly wanted to know everything  about, overtook me. I realized that consumer products did not have to come from the bleak lines of conveyer belts. Instead, they could be designed with purpose and foresight from the very beginning. Using sustainable materials, products can be delivered to the consumer with something I call a  “retirement plan,” or a system developed along with the product that keeps the materials active after they serve their original purpose . This is the reason why my  intended Major is Industrial Design.

In regards to this Color Theory class,  I am  honestly excited about it!

I am fascinated by  Newton and his experiments with light and color and I am very interested in learning about the links between all mediums and especially how it translates into digital media.




Jireh Louie


My name is Jireh Louie. I was born and raised in Arlington Heights, IL.  I currently reside in the South Loop of Chicago.

This is my fourth year at UIC, having originally been a Kinesiology major. My intended major going into the first semester was Graphic Design, but having learned more about the field of Industrial Design, my initial inclination has changed. I am not entirely sure which major I would like to pursue, but I feel my skill set may be more suited for Industrial Design.

I like to draw, and having acquired the nickname “Jirbear” as a kid and adopted an affinity for bears, bears are a common subject in my drawings. My interest in menswear also makes it into my drawings, as the bears are sometimes dappered up in an outfit I’d be likely to wear.

I can definitely appreciate the importance of color. In fashion/menswear, color plays a huge role in creating a cohesive outfit as well as determining outfit’s overall character. Additionally, having taken quite a few psychology classes, I understand the influence of color on emotion and physiological response. That being said, with regards to design, I’m sure the same principles apply. Color undoubtedly plays a vital role in what a designer wants to create and how they will convey their message to the audience.


susan sternal

IMG_5711 copy

I’m a 4th year Industrial Design student. I travel a lot and always  try to find water. I water-ski, surf, snorkel, dive, paddle board and sail as often as possible.

I think color is an important expression of ourselves. I’m interested in color theory and the emotion it triggers. I’m also interested in color and how its manipulated in advertising and marketing strategies.

About Me

Photo on 1-13-14 at 1.50 PM #2I moved many times, but right now I live in Mount Prospect, Illinois

I intend on majoring in Graphic Design. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with graphic design, but I do want to associate it with media entertainment as well as my religion.

I actually do think that color theory is very important in the design process; because it gives life to what the design is. I intend on using colors by captivating the audiences.

What’s interesting about me is that I love to play instruments: guitar and drums. I’ve played for my church band for 6 years. I love to draw and create designs whenever I can.

Jose Perales

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  • Im technically from Little Village but because im on the very edge of Little Village borderline Pilsen i tend to just say im from Pilsen cause I grew up closer to that community.
  •  I originally came in believing i wanted to do graphic design but dealing with industrial design last semester has left me in between the two
  • something interesting about myself is that i started a clothing line about a year ago.
  •  I think color theory is very important, its one of my favorite parts about art and design, i would say that color and it’s use is one of the things most notable about my work, it’s something i focus on a lot when approaching a piece.

About Me- Aidan Kehrli

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I was born in Chicago, but I grew up in Southern California.

I plan on being a Graphic Design major and once I graduate i’d like to go into video game design.

Color theory is very important to graphic designers. Color is a big part of what attracts consumers to a product.

What’s interesting about me is that

Christian Herrera – About Me

I am Christian Herrera, I’m leaning towards being an industrial design major but Graphic design has always been an interest of mine.  This is my second semester at UIC, I transferred from Morton College and before that I attended EIU. I play basketball and video games in my spare time. I believe that color theory is important because color have psychological properties, color can reflect emotions.


Ariel Bennick

Hello! My name is Ariel and I’m 22, love reading, drinking coffee, and drawing. I intend to major in Industrial Design and would love to do product design, specifically in tools and glassware. I am also interested in Graphic possibly as a minor or double major.

I rode an elephant when I was twelve and have adored them since.

I’m from a terrible small town in Michigan, it’s boring and only good for hunting deer. I prefer Chicago immensely.

When it comes to Color Theory I am specifically interested in the psychological effects color has and the history of color. mehobbit

About Me


My name is Angelo, I’m 19 and was born in Lima, Peru. My major is Graphic Design and I enjoy looking at art. I’ve travelled around the U.S. before settling in Illinois.

To me Color theory explains how we could interpret color. Since color does not hold any definite meaning it is open to be described in many ways and change when interacting with other colors.