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Color Wheel

It was interesting to learn that there are many types of color wheels, I only knew of RGB & CMYK. Still never knew how much influence Newton had in the creation of the color wheel.

Munsell’s Tree was an interesting way of making the color spectrum more wide but it seems troublesome working and thinking in a 3D field. Adding a fourth primary seems like it would be unheard of, but it got me thinking why they would decide to add another primary. I am curious as to what these scientists defined as a primary color.

Color Properties and Harmonies

I never knew about scientists like James Clerk Maxwell and Thomas Young and their involvement in the color theory.  I feel the author should have gone a little more in depth. While Newton is famous and challenged the idea, I fail to see that with people like Maxwell, Heinrich Hertz and Wilhelm Rontgen. I wanted to hear how they came about their ideas.

I found it all interesting since I had taken classes before, I learned a little bit of everything, but it seems clearer now specially when I read about subtractive mixing and how the printer colors originated. In my High School Graphic Arts class I recall having to watch out for certain colors becoming duller than they were on screen. We had printed color cards showing what it would look like on screen and how different it was printed on paper.

About Me


My name is Angelo, I’m 19 and was born in Lima, Peru. My major is Graphic Design and I enjoy looking at art. I’ve travelled around the U.S. before settling in Illinois.

To me Color theory explains how we could interpret color. Since color does not hold any definite meaning it is open to be described in many ways and change when interacting with other colors.