Reading Assignments

For each reading on the schedule, post a few thoughts on the topic. What stood out to you, was particularly interesting, or something you absolutely disagree with.

Make sure to post your response by next week’s class session.

Week 3
Color Properties
Color Design Workbook (CDW), pp 8—15
Designers Color Manual PDF (DCM), pp 2—9

Color Harmonies
CDW, pp 40—45
DCM, pp 14—15

Week 4
Color Wheel
DCM,  pp 10—13

Week 5
Color Theory History, Psychology of Color
CDW,pp 16—23
DCM, pp 16—21

Week 6
Color Contrasts, Optical Illusions
CDW,pp 52—63
DCM, pp 24—27

Week 7
Color Perception
CDW, pp 64—69
DCM,  pp 22—23

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