Assignment 1_1
Matching Color Values
Due: Wednesday, 01.15 (end of class)

Grid PDF
Color Values PDF


  • develop sensitivity towards color through intense observation
  • differentiate between color by defining the color and sorting/categorizing
  • improve communication skills by using color terms (hue, saturation, value, tint, shade…)


from Moritz Zwimpfer “Ordering Colors, Playing with Colors”

Two students share one print out. Cut out the color samples as illustrated in the 2nd image below. Each student will have 3 achromatic scales and 3 color complementary color progressions. The complimentary progressions need to be cut into single squares, the achromatic progression can be cut as one column of 10 squares. Make sure you don’t mix up the color progressions (color and sequence!)



I’ll give you 3 sheets with a grid. Use those to match and mount the squares. Match the printed color samples to the achromatic scale. Arrange the colored squares in the grid to the right of the achromatic scale so that the value (=brightness) of the color matches the greyscale horizontally. Start with the pure hue (=color) on the left and end with the other pure hue on the right. In between these place the rest of the squares. Again, make sure to keep the even sequence from one complimentary color to the other intact.




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