Assignment 1_3
Found Color: Organzing color


Using the samples you collected, find two criteria after which the color can be sorted. For example, from top to bottom there could be a progression from light to dark. Then, on the same page, a progression from red to blue (warm to cold) color tones could be placed from left to right. The challenge is to notice and differentiate at least one other criteria then the color itself (in this example it’s light/dark).

Spread out you sample collection in front of you and start with the most “extreme” or “obvious” samples. In the example mentioned above the darkest color(s) goes in the bottom row, the lightest all the way in the top row. The “reddest/warmest” color, a yellow or red for example, goes inside the outside left column, the “bluest/coldest” inside the column on the right.

Not all of the existing “placeholders” inside the gird need to be occupied with a color sample. If a sample in your collection doesn’t fit into your organization, leave it out.

You will arrange and mount a selection of these color samples on the handout (letter size paper with one 48-unit grid). Use a repositionable glue stick, double sided removable tape or rubber cement to mount the samples on paper.

Total 1 sheet


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