Assignment 2_2
presentation: hue saturation brightness

Mixing color: Organizing color pairs

The goal of this assignment is to further develop your sensitivity towards color and to improve communication skills you need to define and categorize color. The Munsell color system specifies color based on three color dimensions: hue, value and saturation. They are very important when it comes to defining and choosing colors and color palettes/themes.

Hue: Another word for the color itself. A 12-step color wheel displays 12 different hues.
Value: lightness or darkness of a color. It’s a hue + either white or black.
Saturation: the purity of a color. The 3 primaries are the highest saturated (=purest) colors.

On the canvas paper divide a 2.5 x 2.5 inch square into 2 equal halves. Paint each half with a color and cut out the square once the color is dry.

Collect at least 30 of these squares. Find as many different color pairs as possible. The distinction between the two colors can be hue, saturation or value (or any combination of these criteria). You don’t need to plan ahead for this assignment. Just paint and collect different pairs first.

Later these color pairs will be organized into groups. With some pairs it will be more obvious in which group or category they belong. Others which combine two of the criteria mentioned above (for example saturation and value) will be more difficult to categorize.

For example, one group could be defined as pairs that are different in saturation and value but are based on the same hue. In that case the pairs were mixed using the same color and different amounts of black and white (resulting in a different saturation and value).

The groups in which you’ll organize your color pairs can be defined by you. Criteria can be hue, saturation and value.

For example:

  • same saturation, difference in hue and value(same pureness but different colors are used with different amounts of black and white)
  • same value, difference in hue and saturation
  • same value and saturation, difference in hue
  • same hue, difference in value and saturation
  • different hue, value and saturation

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