2_3 & 2_4

Assignment 2_3 and 2_4
Mixing Colors:

2_3 Color Progression

On the Canvas paper divide a 3.5 x 3.5 inch square into 5 equal vertical divisions. Paint each one of these division so that there is a progression from the first to the last unit. This progression should move in at least two different contrast directions at the same time. For example: From left to right a progression from light to dark (value) and from a low saturation (diluted color) to a high saturated (pure) color. Paint 12 total schemes on two sheets.

— low saturation / high saturation,
— value (light and dark),
— contrast of hue (complementary, warm / cold),


2_4 Color progression and proportion

The overall perception of a color scheme can vary greatly depending on the proportion of the colors. Pick one of your color schemes and paint variations in sequence and proportion.
The handout will be the same and YOU will create 5 different vertical divisions on six squares. At least 2 of the 5 vertical divisions should have different widths. Make sure to mix enough color to be able to fill all 6 arrangements (and 6 more in part 3). One sheet, six squares.


2_4 Color progression and proportion

Replace one of the five colors with a new, contrasting color and paint 6 more variations. One sheet, six squares.


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