Assignment 3_2
Computer Colors: Book Cover 1

download book cover template

Use the Illustrator template I set up for this assignment. Design a book cover for Robert Louis Stevenson’s Novel “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”.

The template consists of a 108-unit square / 216-unit triangle grid (12 rows, 9 columns). Authors name and book title will be added in the follow up assignment. The 108 squares / 216 triangles should be colored (on the templates they’re grey for now). 2 triangles together make a square (surprise!). You can use both, triangle and square shapes in the composition or either one of them. Try to visualize the essence of the story through color and composition. You may use only 2 hues and all tones that can be created by mixing those 2 hues. You can also add black and/or white to the 2 base hues.

Apply what you learned in the previous assignments. Since the story is about one man with 2 opposing personalities the 2 base colors should be contrasting colors.
At least one of the following contrasts has to be present in each composition:

Contrast of saturation

Contrast in value (light and dark),

Contrast of hue,

Complementary contrast

Warm/cold contrast

Contrast of proportion

Simultaneous contrast (optical illusions)

Contrast of vibrating borders (identical color values)

You can use the same color for several grid units for big/small color areas (contrast of proportion). Many different variations are possible.

Create a total of 10 book covers. You can make variations in color choice and composition/ arrangement but don’t use the same color combination more than twice.

The Illustrator template has 5 layers. Don’t print the grid or background layer. Work in the layer called “color” and select + give these squares a filling (with no outline). The black back- ground layer gives you a better preview since the compositions will be mounted on black paper in the end. I made layer adjustments so that grid and background won’t print, delete these layers before you print your final version.

All 10 covers should be printed out using the color printer. Cut out the covers along the crop marks (these marks are in a layer inside the Illustrator template), mount them on black paper and put them into your documentation folder.


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