Assignment 3_4
Computer Colors: Ad for Earth Day 2014

Create a magazine ad for Earth Day 2014. Make a conscious color choice to communicate an appropriate message. There are no restrictions regarding what kind or how many colors you can use. Earth Day is celebrated April 22 every year. The intention is to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. Topics are for example:

Green / renewable energy Deforestation
Ozone depletion
Living green
Drinking water, ground water Recycling / waste management
Climate change Endangered species Air quality

More info: http://www.earthday.org/

Try to apply what you learned / experienced from previous exercises and assignments. Think about what aspects of color might be useful to communicate a certain message.

Color contrasts: healthy / sick, danger / balance, clean / dirty

Color progressions: for example: cool to warm, high to low saturation (healthy to sick)

Color psychology: red = danger, green = nature, blue = clear sky / healthy; black = death, grey = sick, depressed, yellow/orange = life, happiness

Color proportion: large / small areas, focus color / accent color

The challenge is to communicate mainly with color, you are restricted to using the following:
— Format: 9 x 12 inches, Illustrator or InDesign
— April 22, or 4/22 (year can be added but is not necessary as in April 22, 2014 or 4/22/14)
— Earth Day
— The earth day symbol
— Elements can be used multiple times to show color progression.
— The format can be divided into colored segments (a grid similar to the book cover).
— White and Black is allowed sparingly
— Typeface Univers or Helvetica (all weights, regular, condensed and extended versions).

Remember what you have learned in previous excercises, show restraint and explain your color concepts.

Create 10 magazine ads. 5 of them will be shown in the portfolio folder/binder.

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