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Sorry these are all iphone apps, I have been in bed pretty much all weekend, so the only thing I’ve really interacted with is my phone.


Netflix Iphone App: The Netflix app interface  is clear and makes sense, as you can sideways swipe through lists and then click on your selection. The iphone app is probably more effective than the Netflix app for the Roku box, which plays it on your tv, as searching for things becomes difficult when you have to use a remote.

Tumbr App:  The Tumblr app is very nice because it is clearly organized and all of the post are sized to your iphone screen so browsing through them is easy. The comment/like/reblog buttons are easy to find and use.

Kindle App for Iphone: The Kindle app is a little confusing to me. When reading a book, the buttons don’t make much sense, and it’s kind of a guessing game when you click one. Along with that, the home screen doesn’t fit very well with the rest of the app.

Weather App: The Apple weather app is a lot more interactive since the new ios, and now has a moving background that gives you the weather at a glance, and has the location and temperature biggest at the top of the screen. It also gives you an hourly forecast, which you can swipe through. The only thing I don’t like is that it seems like a lot of information to look at when you open it, and I wonder if the hierarchy could be clearer.

Clock App: this app is nicely organized and easy to use, especially if you are familiar with iphones/ipods already. The scrolling clock selections is something that Apple uses consistently and are easy to use.

Reminder App: The Reminder app is similar to the Clock app in that it is well organized and is a good tool for people with iphones, and Apple is consistent in using the scrolling clock feature in this app too.

Judson Mobile Site:  When you try to access Judson’s website on an iphone, it goes automatically to the mobile site, which is poorly organized and very ugly. For some reason it also takes longer for things to load, to the point that it is faster to tell it to go to the full site and then load what you are looking for. It also doesn’t include everything that the full site does, and I think they could have made better decisions for what categories to use and which ones not to.

Facebook Chat: The facebook iphone app is fine, but the chat is one aspect of it that I think could be improved. For instance when you are on the app and someone messages you, a little circle pops up on the right side of the screen and you can access your messages with that person through that circle, but then it just stays there unless you drag it to the bottom of the page. I think that is unnecessary and there should just be a button on the navbar at the bottom for messages. The circles popping up can be distracting and annoying.

Hulu+ App: The Hulu+ app is for the most part clear and easy to use, but they make it somewhat difficult to go to the shows that you watch. When you use the website, the shows you watch are right there on the home page and tell you if there are new episodes, but on the app, you have to go to the button that says ‘more’ and then find the option that says ‘shows you watch’ and even then, there’s no way to tell if there is a new episode. I think their app could be designed better, as their website makes more sense.