Exercises are designed as a means to become familiar with and explore the functions of various software environments. Each exercise focuses on specific tools and requires experimentation within those tool sets to discover their potential. Exercises are intended as brief studies to quickly generate many compositions or images for investigative purposes. Most exercises will be due the class period immediately after they are assigned. All exercises must be posted to the class blog prior to the start of the next class and tagged with the student’s name and exercise number. Please categorize all of your posts with your name, so I can see all of your work throughout the semester.

E01: Experience Reports
Document your interactions with various interfaces from now until next class. Pick ten of these interfaces and write up a short description of your experience—note what you liked, what you would change, etc.

2 thoughts on “Exercises”

  1. Twitter app: The recent changes to the app seem less effective than it was originally. Now, as the user, I often forget that the discovery and activity pages even exist. It is also more frustrating to re-tweet something, because the function of the button has changed.

    Time-clock app: This app is very basic and easy to use / understand. The only problem I run into is that the clock in and close location buttons are very small and close together making it easy to accidentally choose the wrong option.

    Printer / Scanner: Using the printer was very easy and self-explanatory, I can’t think of anything I would change to make it more user friendly.

    Bank of America ATM: When you first enter your pin you can do a quick withdrawal or you can continue on to your other account information. This seems a little bit confusing because you don’t choose which account you’re withdrawing from.

    Jac Vanek website: The web store aspect of jacvanek.com is disorganized. There is little hierarchy and it is not clear what to click on to get where you want to go. It would be easier to understand if there were less options to choose from and things were in broader categories.

    DVD menu: The buttons in the menu were easily identified as being clickable because they were underlined. It was frustrating because they weren’t all aligned the same way so I was unsure what order they went in, but once you figured it out it was easy to navigate.

    Reminder app: This app is very user friendly for those who have used similar apps for the iPhone. The use of the scrolling function for the date and time choices is easily understood because it is also used consistently in the clock app.

    Nook: I used the nook for the first time over the weekend and was very unsure how to use it. The buttons and actions didn’t seem to make sense to me. I think that there could have been better choices for the icons used and that they could have been larger to prevent the user from pressing the wrong button accidentally. It was also very hard to highlight and save text for later then find the text you saved. I think this could be made a lot more easily understood for the first time user.

    We Are the Kids street team: This website was really easy to navigate. The buttons were recognizable and self explanatory. The hierarchy led you easily around the website. It was not as well designed as it could have been, but it was easy for the user to get the information that they needed.

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