At Home: Ephemeral Monuments for Public Housing Residents

Studio Brazen + National Public Housing Museum
Fall 2021

Home can mean many things to many people. It’s the place where you rest your head, the table where you eat family meals, it’s the place where we experience both pain and joyous celebration. These memories are the ordinary, everyday activities that make up life At Home

At Home is a projection installation, which acts as an ephemeral monument for the everyday lives and stories of public housing residents. 

Do monuments matter? Must they be forever carved in granite and steel? Who is worthy of monumentalization and who gets to decide?

At Home is an artistic attempt to address some of these questions through projections that will begin in Chicago at the last remaining building of the Jane Addams Homes and future home of the National Public Housing Museum. Stories are being collected and added to the At Home collection, and future versions of the monument with different stories will travel all over the United States at sites of significance to those who live or have lived in public housing.