Kendall Getzinger
Women’s Publication, 2018

Senior Project
Spring 2018


“Coquette Magazine was created to be a safe place to celebrate womanhood. Both the magazines and this website were designed to create conversations around the many issues that face women today; whether it be mental, physical, emotional, spiritually, etc. These topics are the result of a lot of tough situations in my personal life that I have had to overcome. I have had to say goodbye to a few very special people in my life over the past few years which has forced me to be there for myself in every way. Through this, I have started a journey to find myself again as I connect with other women that are going through similar things.”


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Kendall produced four issues of the publication, each dealing with a different theme related to women empowerment. She reached out to various writers, activists, and every day women with stories to tell. She brought the content together with photographs and artwork that is a mixture of her own and user submissions.


Self Love
Embracing your mind, body & soul while showing yourself the greatest love and respect.

Body Image
Celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes while practicing body positivity.

Connecting with your own sexuality and learning how to respect yourself and others during sex.

Navigating a society that is filled with sexual harassment, domestic violence and sexual assault.

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