Lauren Meranda Design is a multi-disciplinary design practice specializing in projects for cultural institutions, social activism, civic engagement, and public memory through experimental media, collaborative storytelling, and interactive design for physical spaces. As a designer and producer of visual culture, Lauren strives to find means by which to let public memory emerge from the stories of the people it is bound to define. A single story does not have to be the only one we tell. The projects and exhibits she works on seek to empower the individual to participate in the storytelling process and expand public memory to include previously unheard voices. Exhibits utilize site for the interpretation and continuation of historical narratives by linking research, education, and social engagement into an interactive designed experience.


About Lauren

Lauren received her BFA in Visual Communication from Northern Illinois University in 2009.
In 2013, Lauren received her Masters of Design (MDes) from the University of Illinois at Chicago while attending summer workshops at the UIC/HGK Basel School of Design in Basel, Switzerland.

In addition to her professional practice, Lauren has taught courses on digital media, web design, design theory, and typography at UIC, Harrington, and Judson University. In the fall, she will begin teaching at Northeastern Illinois University.

Lauren is currently on the board of the Chicago Design Archive, developing a pop-exhibition series of the extensive collection. She has also served as education chair for AIGA Chicago, working with AIGA Student Groups and building a partnership with AIGA + Chicago Public Schools.

She also REALLY loves the Chicago Bulls.




17 E. Hattendorf Ave. Unit 306
Roselle, IL 60172