Forward, Together Forward Memorial

Approx. 8’x12’ Projected Stories on Sheer Sheets, 2013

On February 14, 2008 at Northern Illinois University, a former student opened gunfire on a lecture hall, killing five, injuring over thirty, and rocking an entire community. As a student on campus that day, I have my story, as do others. Yet, our stories are not usually aggregated, shared, or combined; through sharing our memories, we can process them individually. Collaborative storytelling allows us to put these stories together, forming an overall shape, without losing the texture of each individual narrative.

The properties of projected light on sheer screens evoke a spirit of solemnity and catharsis—a safe place to face a difficult subject. This collective begins to take a readable form, creating not only a public record, but a pulpit—shining light on greater issues of gun violence through the lens of human experience.