TransActions Publication

TransActions is a socially engaged arts newspaper and dialogue. Artists and Educators Jim Duignan (Chicago) and Fiona Whelan (NCAD Dublin) present a series of perspectives on ethics, the city, aesthetics, labor, education and art through the questions around socially engaged arts between their communities within Chicago and Dublin. Through the form of generated and collected conversations with their communities and transcriptions and distribution of a newspaper, the publication draws on the writings, drawings, photographs, maps, prints, letters, essays, lessons, descriptions and ideas of youth, artists, educators, collectives and folks in a wide range of fields.

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The newspaper is large broadsheet format. Once flipped, it reads from both directions—Dublin from one end and Chicago starting from the other with the content from each city meeting in the middle. On the Dublin side, the main text is in blue, and images are monotone red. The colors switch for the Chicago side.