Where There Is Not

Branding, 2015

Where There is Not is an organization started by architect and educator, Jae Cha. The organization leads students in creating products that are meant to reach areas in the world that have a basic need for survivial and spiritual input. Research and case studies determine areas of focus and products are developed, sometimes as small as a keychain or as large as a temporary shelter.

In spring of 2015 Professor Jae Cha, Professor Lauren Meranda, and myself joined three of our Judson University classes together to build, brand, and sell these developed products. We set a mixture of architecture and graphic design students to the task. The architecture students design the products and the graphic design students branded each sub-company under the Where There is Not umbrella and built a Web site meant to sell products to the public.

The branding identity and posters were designed in collaboration with Anna Filbert.

WhereThereIsNot Process
WhereThereIsNot Process

Photos by Sarah Recker and Jae Cha.