Art & Design in Nature Creative Retreat Booklet

Art & Design in Nature Creative Retreat Booklet BookletJudson University, School of Art & Design Creative Retreat, 2015 Accompanying a wondrous weekend away, this booklet guided students from Judson University. Imagery was created using images of nature—water, clouds, honeycomb—revealed through images of found shadows. The booklets contained essential information for the students, including a map […]

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On Christ and Architecture

On Christ and Architecture Judson University in Elgin, Illinois, has an annual symposium to discuss how their Christian faith and their vocation in architecture intersect in the person and example of Christ. All materials for the event include shapes and colors that were modeled after the very unique architectural features of the host building. The program […]

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TransActions Publication

TransActions Publication TransActions is a socially engaged arts newspaper and dialogue. Artists and Educators Jim Duignan (Chicago) and Fiona Whelan (NCAD Dublin) present a series of perspectives on ethics, the city, aesthetics, labor, education and art through the questions around socially engaged arts between their communities within Chicago and Dublin. Through the form of generated […]

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