From Our Perspective / Nathan Stark

Nathan Stark
Zine Series, 2016

Senior Project
Spring 2016

These zines are the start of a series that seeks to show different cultures in an honest form, separate from an outsiders bias or manipulation. Initially, Nathan wanted to change the views people have of a culture he is fond of, views put in our minds by the media and what we have been told by organizations. He sought to present raw images of this culture. Over time he realized that his bias would be behind any images he would create. He removed his biases by giving the camera to the people the images were bound to define, letting individuals document their own lives as they saw fit. Every image is presented and in the order it was taken to offer an honest and full representation of the culture and each person.

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Sundryline / Makenzie Augenstein

Makenzie Augenstein
Subscription Boxes, 2016

Sundryline is a subscription box based on the idea that objects have stories, too. A hand selected vintage item is sent along with local goods pertaining to a box theme. The receiver of the box documents the time they spend with the vintage object and posts their experience to the blog. They keep the local goods and replenish the box with new items local to them. They then send the box containing the replenished local goods and the vintage object onward to whomever they choose—continuing the objects’ storyline.

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Idios / Brittany Cox

Brittany Cox
Audio Collection Project / Website, 2016

Idios is a project for humans by humans. Aiming to get at the heart of each individual, Idios tries to explore what makes us who we are by asking very direct, personal questions, requiring the user to be completely honest.

Idios is a senior thesis project that was produced over the course of eight months, which includes the journey from distilling many ideas to a main concept, then to production. Sprung forth from the contemplation of memory, specifically how we remember people, Idios moved to be an audio based platform where participants can record answers to questions that explore who they are, as well as listen to answers already published.

During the exhibition, a recording studio was constructed for those who wished to record in the gallery, on the spot. The studio featured sound reducing foam, and a privacy curtain for those recording, as Idios is completely anonymous. Recordings are live posted to the website.


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Aha / Katelyn Kirker

Katelyn Kirker
Mobile App, 2016


Aha is an app which prompts the user to be conscious of what is around them. It will train people to be consciously aware of their surroundings and know when to refocus their attention on the present. When we are fully engaging or being mindful, we allow ourselves to experience the fullness of life.


Hush Publication / Mackenzie Freemire

Mackenzie Freemire
3 Issue Publication, 2016

By slowing down, we begin to embrace both the glory and melancholy found in passing time, and we are given the chance to rest and recharge; to think deeply and creatively; to look inside and confront what drives and defines us. This publication seeks to be a home for visual expressions and experiments dealing with the idea of time—whether fast, slow, unmoving, or irrelevant— and give people space to work through it themselves. Sit and experience the content. Allow your mind to wander and to wonder. This is an invitation for you to just sit and rest.

img_9920 img_9925 img_9972 img_9974 img_9980 img_9984 img_9992above photos curtesy of Mackenzie Freemire, 2016.


Acquire, Desire / Admire, Inspire / Benjamin Puffer

Benjamin Puffer
Tactile Posters, 2016

A challenge to consumerist reality, these posters seek to draw attention to the absurdity of language used in marketing. Hyperboles by definition are exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. By removing the hyperbole in statements commonly used in consumerist jargon, their messages are rendered nonsense, and the notion of consumerist language is exposed as deception.

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