Where There Is Not

Where There Is Not Branding, 2015 Where There is Not is an organization started by architect and educator, Jae Cha. The organization leads students in creating products that are meant to reach areas in the world that have a basic need for survivial and spiritual input. Research and case studies determine areas of focus and […]

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TransActions Publication

TransActions Publication TransActions is a socially engaged arts newspaper and dialogue. Artists and Educators Jim Duignan (Chicago) and Fiona Whelan (NCAD Dublin) present a series of perspectives on ethics, the city, aesthetics, labor, education and art through the questions around socially engaged arts between their communities within Chicago and Dublin. Through the form of generated […]

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Forward, Together Forward Memorial

Forward, Together Forward Memorial Approx. 8’x12’ Projected Stories on Sheer Sheets, 2013 On February 14, 2008 at Northern Illinois University, a former student opened gunfire on a lecture hall, killing five, injuring over thirty, and rocking an entire community. As a student on campus that day, I have my story, as do others. Yet, our […]

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